[Fancam]140726-27 Yoona at Suvarnabhumi Airport

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[Fancam] 140726 Always With YoonA : PPTV Prime Minister & I Exclusive Fan Meeting in Thailand

140726 Yoona Fan Meeting in Thailand PPTV -

140726 (Fancam) Prime Minister & I Exclusive Fan Meeting in Thailand with Yoona and I

140726 Yoona Fan Meeting in Thailand PPTV by pandazing

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[Engsub] The Interview - SNSD (DVD The Best)

140726- Prime Minister & I Fan Meeting with Yoona in Thailand “Kwon Yuri?”

[Eng Trans] 140726 YoonA is crying + The End (Meeting in Bangkok) by valentine_t

MC: Do you have anything things to tell SONEs?
Yoona: I already saw a lot of OPV in youtube, but standing in this point and watching it right now give a really different feeling.
Today, I just know that I had received a lot of love from fans
I will do my best and work harder in the future for fans. Thank you so much.
Actually, I really want all of the members to see and feel this moment together.
Thank you.

MC: I want to tell you that, the amount of love that you see right now is just some part of it. There are many Thai Sones that didn’t come here but they also love you very much

Yoona: Oh, Thank you for both who came to the event today and those who are not.
I can feel all of your feeling and know that you’re always with/beside me.
I will work harder and better for fans in the future.

MC: I believes that many of Sones wish to stand in where I am standing right now
But I don’t think that everyone can standing in this point at the same time.
So, I will be a representative for you guys and other Sones who love Yoona
and give this bouquet for encourage and thank you Yoona for coming in this event today. Thank you

Yoona: Thank you

MC: she want to open the gift right now

Yoona: Is this the OPV that I just saw?

MC: Every special things are stay in it. And it is much better than the OPV that you just saw.

*sorry for some of my grammatical errors*

Translated by  boom13003

140726 YoonA give a fog doll (have a signature too) for lucky fan [Meeting in Bangkok]