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[TRANS] 140726 Yoona @ Thailand Fanmeet (COMPILATION)

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[TRANS] 140726 Yoona @ Thailand Fanmeet (1)
Q: Don’t you feel lonely coming to Thailand alone?
Yoona: It’s my first time coming to Thailand like this alone but Taeyeon unnie told me this before coming, “I want to go as well~”. It does feels empty to come here alone without my members and I do feel a little lonely but it also feels great because I can meet all the fans like this.

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Q: How do you feel coming to Thailand for the first time as an actress?
Yoona: I’m said to be here as an actress but, for me, to be coming here again as SNSD, as a singer, I don’t feel that there’s too much of a difference.

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I think I laughed a lot when acting as Nam Dajung. There were a lot of interesting scenes from the very beginning and it was very fun to film. My members also came to play at the recording venues and gave me a lot of support.

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And then there was when I wasn’t able to perform as SNSD and the others had to appear as 8 members during the end of year awards. It was really frustrating watching that so I immersed myself more into (the character) Nam Dajung. To the extent of that frustration/regret.

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Whilst filming I watched TV (the end of year award shows). Although I wasn’t able to go there, I still needed to do my best (for the drama recording), so I really acted to my very best.

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Please talk about Seohyun and Sica unnie? Ahh please give Seohyun and Sica unnie a message? Why only those two? Lol
Seohyun has really matured. That’s why she’s really become adult-like and unlike in the past, I don’t worry as much, and she’s probably doing better than I am. That’s why I’m really proud.

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I’ve watched a lot of these videos that fans make for us on YouTube but to allow me to experience it from this seat/perspective whilst watching, this feeling really is different.

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To feel that I’m loved this much, I thought to myself that I really have to work hard. I’m really so grateful. If only my members were here together with me to experience this.

[COMPILATION] 140726 Yoona PressCon & Fanmeet by Kapook! 

[COMPILATION] 140726 Yoona PressCon & Fanmeet by Kapook!