Yoona, Chinese/Korean movie…. denies ‘Nodame’ role

1. [+1,615, -31] Thank god…..

2. [+1,216, -28] Good job… I’m no longer worried

3. [+1,144, -22] Yoona-nim has avoided a lot of damage

4. [+1,130, -174] The fact that you were even being considered…

5. [+882, -18] Good choice…

6. [+217, -19] Good idea. There were a lot of bad comments. It didn’t fit you, honestly

7. [+198, -13] Yoona rejecting the role after seeing negative feedback shows she’s wise

8. [+225, -44] Saebyuk, you’re so pretty~^^ You’ve been playing the same Saebyuk role for years, all your roles are the same

9. [+186, -9] This is a win win!

10. [+168, -1] Thank god… It was a role that really didn’t fit Yoona


1. [+158, -20] This is the best decision Yoona has ever made. I don’t hate Yoona, but she shouldn’t be Nodame

2. [+102, -10] Now it’s time to laugh, smile again

TN: This is song lyrics to the song “Festival”. See SNSD’s iconic cover here:

3. [+87, -23] This is why articles about things still being decided should be released. If you took the role, you would’ve received a lot of hate. Any actress playing this role would be compared to the original and would receive a lot of hate