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YOONADDICTcom are proud to be announcing that we’re officially joining the other YOONA’s fansites in this meaningful YOONA FOREST PROJECT.

If you’re wondering what YOONA FOREST PROJECT means, here’s a brief summary… :

Yoona fan union have decided to build a small FOREST to congratulate YOONA’s Birthday. This meaningful “STAR FOREST PROJECT" will be named YOONA FOREST and will be located at the center of Seoul City. YOONA FOREST will officially launch and open for public on YOONA’s birthday which is May 30, 2014. Therefore, we would really appreciate if you could make a lil donations towards succeeding this meaningful project.

The planned location of this YOONA FOREST will probably be at Banpo-dong, SeoCho-Gu, Seoul. The estimated gross area of the forest will be depending on the budget all fansites collected within the certain period of time

If you would like to contribute to this project, please do so by donating through YOONADDICTcom or any other fansites that are participating.

Donation period : 2014/03/19 to 2014/04/21
Target goal (total collections from all fansites) : 5,000,000 KRW (aproximately 5,000 USD)

Paypal :  (Paypal Payment Guide  HERE)
After donating, please send us an email at with the subject YOONA FOREST DONATION. Your email should include your name, paypal ID, amount & date and time (in KST) of transfer. We will check and reply to you within 3 days from the date of your transfer. Take note, we will automatically deduct paypal fees from your donations if you do not pay the fees for paypal.

There will be a special gift from yoonafanunion for donors as an appreciation of your kind and generous donation. If you would like to receive the gift, please do include in your address in the email. (p/s there might be an ems fees for YOONADDICTcom to send the gift to donors and the fees should be paid by donors)

The amount of money you are donating is up to your willingness as we do not specify on how much a person should donate BUT each and every donation should be at least a minimum of usd 10.

Period of forest building will be 1 to 2 months from the deadline of fund-raising as predictedAny updated schedule will be notified through our twitter account (@yoonaddictcom). A sign board with QR code will be hanged in front of YOONA FOREST where fans could easily search for the name of donors of this project.

NOTE: YOONADDICTcom acts as a middle person for collecting donations on behalf of YOONAUNION from International YOONADDICTs. YOONADDICTcom shall not be held responsible of any mishap or loss after handling the donations to YOONAUNION.

For more information, please refer to YOONAUNION
Person in charged for this YOONA FOREST Project: churigeuk

If you have any inquiries, please mention us on Twitter OR send us an email

UPDATE!! deadline 04/21/2014!!

Over 10$: very small gift
Over 20$: small gift
Over 30$: all gifts that we prepared

+) These gifts(special goods) were prepared for thanks to fans who joined this forest project.
    So, it’s not so big gifts. Please, do not expect about the gifts so much. Thank u^

 -Yoona union


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Q: Among GG members, who’s good at dubbing?

Sunny: YoonA can imitate a child’s voice, so she’s probably good at acting too.

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